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In December 1947, to be exact was the time I fell in love with the boer goat. It was on the farm Grootfontein in the Somerset-East district where my uncle Koos Botha and his son Theuns were farming. They were some of the very first boer goat farmers and were drastically improving the boer goat. As a matter of fact, they were the people who decided to breed a white goat with a red head “because we already have the black head Persian sheep with a black head”, my uncle said. My cousin called it the “ennobled” boer goat because they ennobled it out of the indigenous goats – no cross breeding – in my opinion the reason why the boer goat has such a high heredity.
In 1963 myself, my wife Paula and daughter Boeboe (3 months old), started farming on the farm Kanonfontein, Boshof district and immediately founded the Kanonfontein Boer Goat Stud with 25 does I bought at the stock fair for R7,60 each!
This is where it all started. The Hereford breed has Vern Robert as their founder sire and we have Robert as ours. I bought him from Pieter Syce Botha for the second highest price at the National sale: R100!
I also got some of my uncle’s goats and from other breeders too. In later years, TB Jordaan and Apie Maritz helped me with some wonderful bucks. All in all I brought about 200 does, forming 200 families, into my stud.
I keep to this day, a very strict and thorough record of both performance testing and phenotype of each family and animal and have as a result of that kept only the better families in our stud.
In the meantime my son Willem was born and he and his sister are helping me ever since. Even as pre-school children they often helped when a doe had difficulty kidding.
             Willem with the kid he just helped deliver.
Willem is still the youngest person to be appointed as a Boer Goat judge in South Africa.
We are a close family and whenever I need another opinion on a goat, i would ask Paula for some sound advice.
Show Results
We started showing at the SA National Show in 1978 and in 1982 we won most points with:
Grand Champion Buck – Collar,

and Reserve Grand Champion Doe – Soetdoring
1984: 3rd most points
1986: I judged
1988: 8th most out of 38 exhibitors
1990: 3rd most points
1992: We showed 36 animals. Tommy (then 10 years old) and 34 of his kids and grand kids got 2nd most points! Never has one buck been able to do better than that!!
1994: We only showed 2 bucks. Keetmans, Tommy’s grandson got SA Reserve Grand Champion Buck.


What can I say about him? I think one of the best there ever was! An excellent buck AND doe breeder!

We sold him as a young kid and after his brothers, De Wet 

and Kalahari

sisters, Soetdoring, (SA Res. Champion doe 1982) 
and some more of his sisters started doing so well my son, Willem advised me to get Tommy back and since we got him back at the age of 7 and a half years till he became infertile at 10 years old, (he died at 12 years) he made a huge impact on our stud.

(he is the only one working in the heat of the day!) His mother, D52, kidded 20 kids and raised 18. She kidded the last time at the age of 11 years and 10 months. A month later she died (passed away is a better word).
Tommy’s Grandson, Namibian Grand Champion, Sa Res. Grand Champion, sold to Dave Banks, Zimbabwe, R30,000 in 1994.
Femininity in 1990
Femininity in 2008
 Windhoek – Matsap’s sire. Veld reared weighed at 2 tooth 114kgs


SA National 6 tooth buck 2007

Buffalo as 4 tooth
Kanon, Matsap son, bred and sold by Braam Maritz. Highest price buck National Sale 2008.


Enquiries and visits more than welcome.
Theuns Botha. Cell 083 650 4445. E-mail theunsenpaula@shisas.com
Willem Botha, cell 083 625 4645. E-mail wjbotha@ofa.bz
            A goat is welcome on my grave as well!